Monday, March 30, 2009

Chloe's Mornings

O.K. so I guess I have a DIVA in my family, my little Chloe just knows what she wants and pretty much makes sure she gets it! I guess that could be a good thing but at times it DRIVES me CRAZY!!!!! This is Chloe in the morning. 6:45 a.m. I start her bath then wake her up, walk her to the bath, she gets in and sits indian style until the water gets to the right depth then she turns off the water lays down so just her face is above water then I let her lay there for about 5 minutes then I sit her up pour shampoo on her head and she scrubs it. then she lays back down and I rinse it. she gets back u[ and I put conditioner on her head and she likes to scrub it all over her hair then comes the FUNNY part she lays down and flips her hair back and forth back and forth then I swish it for her and get the conditioner out. THEN she gets the soap and lathers it so it is really really foamy and scrubs her whole body then rinses and lays back down and takes another nap till the water is fully drained out of the tub. She gets out towel dries and and then sits in her closet for about another 3 minutes in her towell and then gets dressed. All this time she is silent and doesnt talk unless you break her routine then woooooaaaaaahhhhhhhh watch out! so I just let her do her thing. Then the FUN begins I do her hair and while drying it I keep her busy putting lotion, perfume and Jewelry on. Then she walks down stairs, eats and gives her dad and me a hug and a KISS and she is a HAPPY, FUN, TALKATIVE girl the rest of the day! I guess I wrote about this because I have not a child like this and even though she is demanding in the morning I guess I kind of like that she needs me and likes me to take care of her in the morning. I LOVE Chloe and I LOVE her little personality.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bo's birthday PARTY

Today we had a FUN birthday Party for Bo. It was centered around the show CARS theme. We played a bunch of games including the Newspaper game and the NASCAR race game. Each kid got to take home a bag with a car and pit necklace and stickers and stuff. Bo had a Great time. His friend Dakota came to the PARTY and when she got here I asked her if she was excited for the PARTY and she said OHHHHH Yes I couldnt sleep last night , thats all I dreamed about. I thought that was cute coming out of a 4 year old.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Brittany turned 16 yesterday. I cried all day thinking about what a GREAT daughter she is. I have thought about her birthday for a long time and I wanted to get her something special. To let her know how much I LOVE her and wanted her to remember her birthday. I bought her a Juicy bracelet that she could add charms to for other special ocasions. I also took her cinnamon rolls to her cheer class in the morning and then picked her up from school and took her to get her official driver licence. then surprized her with a birthday Party that night. I LOVE you Britt. Hope you had a good birthday! Love, Mom

Sunday, January 11, 2009

BO and Brittanys Birthday celabration with extended family

Since Brittany and Bo's Birthdays are both in January we had all the family and cousins over to help celabrate. We always have a fun time when the whole family gets together.
Britt and Chloe's Twisters cheer performance at AF Rec center for the fitness fair.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My little boy turns 5

I guess my little Bo is very little anymore. He is all grown up! Today he turned 5. Sooooo at 5 his favorite color is red favorite NFL team Pittsburg Steelers Favorite NCAA football team Utah UTES Favorite sport FOOTBALL favorite food Italian chicken and rice favorite treat BIG hershey candybar favorite thing to do Snuggle with MOM favorite friend Tanner Cook and Bo loves to hang out with his cousin Max and Brady Bo had a FUN day today it started out with Play group then he went to school, had his favorite home cooked dinner and opened presents. He got a bunch of things but his favorite was his bee bee gun. (Paul has given our boys each one when they turn five and teaches them about gun safety and only shoots when hes with his Dad.) Another one of Bo's things he likes to do is hunt with his dad, brothers and Grandpa. After that we went and watched Rileys basketball game, had cake and party hardy! Sunday we will celebrate with Grandma and Grandpas Aunts and Uncles and Cousins oh and stay tuned for his friend birthday party on the 15th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BO! I LOVE YOU!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Orleans SUGAR BOWL

Paul and I had the opportunity to go to the Sugar Bowl this year with our friends Jason and Niclole and and their parents and Jeff and Jenny. Nicloe's brother Jay is the special teams coach for the U. New Years Eve we had a delicious dinner I had flounder and Paul had stuffed filet mion. thats one thing New Orleans is known for is their good food. We also walked down bourben street half way and got some beads people thow them down at you. It got a little rowdy so we got off the street and went to the marriot and hung out in the hospitality room where all the U teams families hang. We got free food and drinks and just talked and met a lot of nice people. They also had incredible fireworks! I have never seen so many go off all over the place we were on the 34th floor and had a great view of the city and the whole sky was lit up! kind of cool. The other days we shopped walked around saw some cool sites went to the flee market and even a cooking class! Went to the Parade and pep ralley for the Sugar Bowl saw Pauls Brother Joe and the Lamberts. The BEST and FAVORITE part of New Orleans was the SUGAR BOWL!!!! We had so much FUN cheering, eating visiting and sitting by family of the Coaches and players. The biggest highlight for Paul was to go on the field during the 3rd quarter he was rubbing shoulders with the players thats how close he was. I wish I could of got a picture of him but he took my camera and took some awesome pictures of the game. My highlight was after wards we walked the streets to get Superbowl shirts and ran into the quarter back Brian Johnson he signed my T-shirt I was wearing and Paul took a picture of us. Go Utes undefeated and won the super bowl. Best game I have ever seen!!!!!We had GREAT weather and even played in the rain and took the fairy. We had such a great trip we never knew what time it was and ended up going to bed everyday at 3to4 in the morning. I wasnt that tiered till we got home, I got the kids off to school and then you said it I snoozed till 2:00 pm with breaks of coarse. Thanks Fox's and Hills for a fabulous time!!!!!!! I did miss you kids though and thank you Grandma Kia for watching them and keeping them safe.